Monday, March 06, 2006

Mujeres de Todos Colores


AN ADAPTABLE IDEA: One of the recent activities in our i.e. Resource Network is reviving a group which met bi-monthly, in earlier times, composed of as many diverse and interested service providers as we could gather, called Mujeres de Todos Colores, Women of All Colors. We wanted to be informed and network with one another for the mutual benefit of ourselves and our students/clients/colleagues. It became a sort of cheer-the-cheerleaders group as well as assisting us in our professions and communities.

To track our two-state original region, I created a paper Cultural Grid to plot those interested or skilled in critical areas, such as all levels of education, representatives from law, Behavioral Health, AIDS awareness, ESL and workplace readiness, among others. The other side of the grid noted members of the group by their cultural indentification or chosen interest, i.e., African American, Latino/a, Asian American, Multicultural, Elders, In Transition, Second Careers, Rainbow, etc. Part of our chosen task was to continue to identify women of color and their allies and colleagues to join the network and multiple its resources.

The group began with a weekend retreat, and met in various places of our sparcely- populated area, with an email newsletter for updates and lunch reminders. Meanwhile, we all sought culture-specific resources to add to our common knowledge. As with all of us with multiple hats, our disparate interests made only the most dedicated hang on, but it's time for another go at it, 'eh, comadres?

SO, this is a reminder to those prior members, or new friends, to respond either via my email or here to let me know you'd like to help organizing and meeting again. Before April?

Perhaps anyone reading this would like to join the e-component? And, some might ask, why did we concentrate on women for this group? Well, most of us had that characteristic in common, and liked the rare chance for camaraderie.

Open to discussion for a new e-version, since it will be here! ~KWW


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...just checking to see if it works. See? Easy to add something! ;)

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